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Once the baby grows out of the breast-feeding years, and is put on the feeding bottle, it becomes important that the transition happens in the most natural way. Bottle feeding is a wonderful way to bond with a baby while supplying him with the nutrition he needs to grow and thrive. Please follow the following tips to ensure that your bottle-fed baby is kept free from germs, and that he stays healthy and happy while being fed.


1. Always wash your hands with water and soap before beginning the preparation of your baby's bottle and before beginning to feed him.

2. Please make sure that you clean properly all bottles, nipples, rings and any utensils before use. Kräuter’s Liquid Wash specially developed for this is highly recommended. You should sterilize all bottle-feeding parts before using them for the first time to keep your baby safe from exposure to germs. Boil the water you're using to mix a bottle of formula for approximately one minute before use.

3. Avoid warming a bottle in a microwave oven as it may overheat the milk in the center of the bottle. A micro waved bottle may feel deceptively warm to the touch, but the milk in the center of the bottle can scald your baby's mouth. Always try to warm the bottle in a pan of hot water on the stove.

4. Always test the temperature of the milk before. You may test by squirting a little on the inside of your forearm for getting a feel of the temperature.

5. Use Orthodontic nipples due to following reasons:

a) Specially designed Nipple ensures natural way of feeding.
b) The specially designed nipple with a flat underside makes feeding easy for the baby as well as ensures appropriate positioning of the tongue during feeding. This is known to help in proper growth of jaw, allowing correct spacing for tooth development.
c) The slim design of the neck make the milking action easy & comfortable for the baby thus encouraging proper growth of jaw and palate.
d) The special positioning of the feed hole towards the back of the top of the nipple ensures flow of milk towards the palate thus allowing for the proper mixing of the feed with saliva.

6. Use Anti-Colic Nipples to prevent your baby from having colic pains due to swallowing of air during feeding.

7. Always check the size of the hole in the nipple of the bottle. In case the hole is too small for your baby, he may suck very hard thus swallowing air resulting in colic pains. However, if the hole is too big, your baby may choke on the feed.

8. Always feed your baby with bottle while his body is semi-upright. Rest is head in the crook of your arm. Never feed him when his body is totally flat, as this increases the likelihood of choking. In addition, the formula or breast milk can flow into the middle ear, causing it to become infected.

9. Tilt the bottle upward once you've placed the nipple of the bottle into her mouth. Make certain that the neck and nipple of the bottle are always filled with formula or breast milk so your baby doesn't swallow air.


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